Who we are

Credit Rescue Kuruman is a Joint Venture between two entities MindColours Consulting and Motolman Projects. Both entities enjoy 100% Black ownership and are both based in JTG, which makes it easy for organisations to source their expertise locally.

Problem Statement

The work place is rife with ordinary citizens that are over-indebted, and in many cases there is very little disposable income left in their bank accounts after deductions of credit agreements. Financial education is a long term process and research shows that it does have a positive outcome on the financial wellbeing of people in the workplace.

Our Services

    • Financial literacy training
    • Debt Relief Solutions : Debt Mediation and Debt Review
    • Garnishee Removal and Recovery
    • Administration Order Removal
    • Debt Review Rescissions/Removals

Our Methods

  • Provide suitable debt relief solutions available e.g. debt counseling, consolidation and rescheduling.
  • Financial literacy workshops.
  • Provide monthly budgets to promote responsible spending
  • Conduct face to face sessions 
  • Assist with auditing of garnishee orders and auditing of any other credit agreements.

About Us

MindColours Consulting is a young company, untainted by the rigours of the industry and eager to proof a wealth of experience and investing our energy in the growth of your business.

Three of the four directors have undergone a rigorous 18-month in-house Facilitator Development Programme (FDP), presented by various teachers, facilitators, coaches and mentors of McKinsey and Company, training them as Facilitators of Transformation. These individuals were instrumental, and ultimately responsible, for one of the most demanding Transformation Drives in Southern Africa, serving more than 6 000 employees over a six-year period. The fourth director has been an educational stalwart for 20 years, and has been developing SMME’s in the JTGD ever since.

Professor Ann de Boer trained the directors in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument(HBDI), which they are accredited to administer and debrief individually and in intact or natural teams.

They are passionate about the development of Leadership that shows transformational results, and that recognises the importance of human relationships in business.

Most of our facilitators have experience as facilitators of Entrepreneurial Development with various companies, before joining MindColours Consulting.

Our strength lies in the capacity to develop in-house programmes/workshops, designed around your reality, to suit your particular needs, and aligned to your specific Culture.


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