At MindColours Consulting we recognise the important contribution of Small Businesses in maintaining health of the economy and diversifying opportunities in our society. We are passionate about empowering talented people to achieve their full potential. This is why we have designed an Enterprise Development model to help small businesses grow and flourish.

We have developed an invaluable tool for emerging enterprises that will show a significant return on investment. Our Enterprise Development model will transform your business and guarantees a 100% success rate given your 100% commitment. Our training and mentorship will provide burgeoning leaders with the effective skills, knowledge and tools required to run a successful business in an increasingly competitive environment.

Ensure your start-up is a success by partnering with MindColours Consulting to bolster your business.

Our Enterprise Development Model will transform your business and guarantees 100% success rate, given your 100% commitment.

What we offer

Upon acceptance onto the MindColours Consulting’s sponsored business growth programmes, you not only receive nationally-accredited training, but also access to the MindColours Consulting value pack as described below.

Access to Finance

We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of any growing business, and entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to access more finance at the correct time. We don’t provide funding ourselves, but we do provide access to a network of finance institutions that could meet your financial needs. Being on one of our programmes increases your probability of accessing this finance.

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Access to Markets

Ever cognizant of importance of access to markets for growing entrepreneurial businesses, we have created different channels to markets, ranging from access to businesses on our current programmes, and direct access to large corporate supply chains and more.

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Access to Specialists

At some point in your venture cycle, you will need specialist services in areas such as tax, human resources and legal. We have a panel of specialists to engage with, who are cost effective and experts in their respective fields.

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Entrepreneurial Learning

Serious entrepreneurs are lifelong learners who constantly seek to obtain information and skills to unlock their entrepreneurial zeal. We provide an accredited, practical and intense course for both you and your staff. The course includes subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, finance and personal development to ensure that you have every opportunity to supplement your gaps and areas for growth.

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Business Guidance

Every one of our entrepreneurs is provided with an entrepreneurial mentor on strategy, finance, marketing, sales and personal development. Our mentors are regarded as the cream-of-the-crop of business “mentors”. They are carefully selected, highly trained to ensure that you receive a high-quality experience and interaction that will help transform your business to the next level.

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Access to Infrastructure

Business infrastructure is expensive and often not ideally located. As part of the MindColours Consulting programme, you’ll have access to rooms, boardrooms, IT and front-desk infrastructure, and the use of our WiFi facilities.

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MindColours Consulting Community

We know that the entrepreneurial journey can be very lonely but, as part of our community, you’ll be in the perfect position to interact with other entrepreneurs – drawing inspiration from them and them from you. We seek to create an environment in which you can harness synergy and ensure that a sense of networking flourishes.

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