The best project you could ever work on is yourself!

Personal Mastery is the key issue in future performance. It requires team leaders and managers to assess and apply the knowledge of themselves to understand, motivate and manage people often within situations of conflict and interpersonal differences.

This interactive workshop teaches the key principles of success and productivity through personal mastery practice, using skills and steps that need to be consistently applied to positively change personal performance and that of others.

The knowledge can transform personal and working environments to create successful organisations and the people within them and can be used in a personal way or as an aspect of organisational growth and development. This motivational workshop explores life success processes and combines management and leadership theory and practice with elements of personal mastery philosophy, assertiveness, emotional intelligence and life coaching.

MasterClass Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of self to strengthen performance
  • Understand the principles of creating personal power and self-mastery
  • Build a personal development plan for performance through the right thought, belief and action
  • Identify your role, purpose and value within the organisation
  • Deal with conflict and interpersonal differences through assertiveness

MasterClass Details

  • Venue: Meriting Lodge – 213 Cilliers Ave, Kuruman, 8460
  • Date: 17 April 2021 and 18 April 2021 (2day MasterClass)