Handmade crafts business

Handmade crafts are highly sought after across the world. And online platforms such as Shopify make it possible for anyone to sell their own handmade products at great margins.
If you’re interested in starting a craft business, think carefully about your buyer. What kinds of products are they interested in? What can’t they get at regular stores that you could provide?

When coming up with your craft business idea, it’s always better to think about what your buyers would like or want first and then think about what you would enjoy making. Where the two overlap, that’s the sweet spot. You can also develop a hobby into a full-time career in this way. So whether you enjoy woodworking, pottery, beading, needlepoint or scrapbooking, think about how your passion translates into a great crafty business idea.


Meals-to-go business

A Meals-to-go business prepares and delivers home-cooked meals to busy customers who prefer to save time on cooking or going out to eat on weekdays. They can afford to bring home or have delivered great meals for their family. What they do not have is the time it takes to find and select quality ingredients, spend the time cooking a meal or spending an hour at the local restaurant.

The most successful meals-to-go organizations provide delicious and nutritious food to offices and employees in their local cities who find it difficult to take time off for a meal. Keep in mind that proving safety and hygiene will be a priority.


Disinfectant & Cleaning Business

Covid-19 Has had a great impact on us all. The cleaning industry is not new however, The pandemic has provided the cleaning industry with a new avenue due to the demand for disinfectant and antiviral cleaning services. This is also true for the supply of sanitizing products and personal protective equipment (PPE)